Mr. Paul Lim Singapore Visit Lembang

Mr. Paul Lim from Singapore visit Lembang. Before he decided to choose Bandung driver, he compared other car rental companies. Some of the car rental charged 500,000 IDR while Bandung driver 700,000 IDR. Mr. Paul asked why other car rental companies cheaper. Other car rental companies publish their look cheap rate in order to get more customer. The fact is, if travel e.g. to Tangkuban Parahu, guest will be charged again. If parking more than five times, guest will be charge again. Bandung Driver charged total cost to Pay for max 12 hours a day. The cost 700,000 IDR to pay is total include car, driver, petrol, toll, parking and driver meal. Guest will not be charged again. After comparing to other car rental companies, Mr. Paul decided to choose Bandung driver. If there is any cost to pay, Bandung driver will inform from the beginning.

paul lim

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