Bandung Food and Cloth. The Two Remaining in Bandung after The End of Tourism

Bandung Food and Cloth

  • Only food and cloth remaining to be sold in Bandung

What remain in Bandung after the end of tourism? Bandung Food and Cloth. People always need food and cloth. Bandung provide various Halal food and clothes that can be given to relatives in origin country or to be sold again. Your neighbor and relation will always be happy to receive food box and cakes and cloths from Bandung. After the end of tourism, there is no need again to visit places like volcano with expensive entrace fees just to take one photograph to be displayed while it is dangerous also when the vulcanic activity increases. People will dislike it espescially when world can not go back to normal condition again. That kind of photograph will also hurt people in difficult situation and moreover all people because it has no empathy and unethical. Now is not appropriate again to take self photograph and from now no time again for that kind of activity. No benefit inside it and cost your budget also while it can be given to others. However, everbody will always love to receive just a box of cake or a piece of cloth from Bandung. Bandung food and cloth never end as long as the produce continue and people need various cheap delicious food and cloth to be weared or to be given freely or to be sold again. This is how Bandung food and cloth offer benefit to you and your relation or community.

bandung food and cloth

Bandung food

What places in Bandung offering Bandung food and cloth? There are many. There is no need to list one by one. Bandung driver is not affiliating with them. Just tell Bandung driver to take you to places with cheap food and cloth in Bandung. If you like the place, stay there. If no, take another place. Why cheap? Because if you buy cheap, you will get many to be given later. Tell the driver: “Cheap food and cloth places.” There are also preloved shops in Bandung. It is good to go to the shops to buy the goods to be given to people who need around you in your country. This is called traveling and serving people. This is not tourism: seeing volcano or lake. No benefit in them, for you and for anybody else except the owner of that places. Spending time and thirty dollars just to see a crater is ridiculous after the end of tourism. For now, nothing can make you relax except giving something to somebody who need it. Bandung food and cloth will facilitate it with Bandung driver. To contact Bandung driver to get Bandung food and cloth, please drop message:

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