Bandung Jakarta Business Trip. The tourism is end

Bandung Jakarta Business Trip is car service in Bandung and Jakarta.

bandung jakarta business trip

Bandung Jakarta Business Trip

There are signs that tourism is near to the end. However Bandung Jakarta Business Trip always provide car service for everybody from everywhere. Including from mainland China. The Covid make us realize that tourism is nothing but pleasure. Now is time to consider again our travel purposes only for business and study. To help people around us. Who are in dire need.

Here we are to serve you best. We can help you to organize events in Bandung and Jakarta and making appointment. We have served customers from England, Australia, Uni Emirates Arabs, and many more countries for years in business trip in Bandung and Jakarta.

How about pandemic? We believe that economic pandemic is more dangerous than health pandemic. For us, nothing to worry for people with good health. This is opportunity for people who understand the value of Bandung Jakarta Business Trip. To contact Bandung Jakarta Business Trip, please feel free to drop message anytime.

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Outbreak on the sea? Don’t cruise, produce!

It is situated at SOUTH CHINA SEA. The owner build it as family resort

lingai resort anambas

Lingai Resort Anambas

Initially Lingai Resort in Anambas is intended as resort for visitors. However now tourism industry is end. Moreover the beauty of South China Sea in Anambas will be destroyed by tourism industry. Thanks to Covid it is not happen. It will be best as fish cultivation and seaweed to produce food. This facilities is offered to be bought at reasonable price with complete facilities including boat. You can also forward this information to person that you think need to know. Please drop message on form above to know more about Lingai Resort Anambas.

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