Bandung Bogor Driver

Bandung Bogor Driver is a service that combine costs of car, driver, petrol, toll, parking and driver meal in one price. By using the service, you can travel Bogor from Bandung for Bogor Tour and back to Bandung or Bandung to Bogor drop only.

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Travel Duration of Bandung Bogor Driver Service

The duration of Bandung to Bogor car service is maximum 14 hours from Bandung to Bogor and back to Bandung to visit places in Bogor for example Puncak, Botanical Garden, Flower Garden, and espescially Taman Safari etc. Please let us arrange itinerary for you. Additionally, you could also give us your itinerary or more places to visit. For Bandung to Bogor drop off service with duration 4-5 hours, the price is same.

Travel Route of Bandung to Bogor

Travel route to Bogor from Bandung can pass through toll via Ciawi before reaching Bogor or to travel via Puncak through Cianjur. On weekend, if traveling Bogor from Bandung, sometimes driver chooses Puncak route because on weekend, there is a one way policy to allow only cars from Puncak to Jakarta to pass through the way or vice versa to control the traffic. It is because on weekend people from Jakarta travel Puncak. In addition to GPS, driver sometimes choose best route based on guidance from local traffic guide if the weekend travel is extremely crowded with cars. This is called alternative route. It travels via small road through villages to cut the main way.

To avoid traffic when traveling Bogor from Bandung, it is strongly suggested to travel Bogor from Bandung on weekdays. Furthermore, traveling Bogor on weekdays can give you a nice experience. Moreover, on weekdays, you can also choose route via Puncak to enjoy mountain view without crowded at Puncak Pass or to stop several times during the travel to enjoy spots then to continue travel. Above all, Bandung to Bogor service always ready to serve you anytime, weekend or weekdays, day or night, via toll or via Puncak.

How to book?

To confirm car booking for Bandung to Bogor service, please inform time and where to pickup in Bandung. Driver will come immediately even if it is last minute booking because we operate 24 hours. Another key point, the booking process only takes minutes with fast response via whatsapp. In addition to whatsapp, you could also contact us via email if you are not using whatsapp.

Bandung Bogor Driver Car Detail, Type and Price

Bandung to Bogor Car rental with driver cost include petrol, parking, toll and driver meal, for Bandung – Bogor tour – back to Bandung in 14 hours or Bandung to Bogor drop off service.

Daihatsu Sigra (capacity up to 5 pax with luggage 24 inch)
Price: 1,100,000 IDR (100 SGD)

Daihatsu Sigra

Toyota Avanza (capacity up to 7 pax with luggage 24 inch)
Price: 1,300,000 IDR

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Innova (capacity up to 9 pax with luggage 24 inch)
Price: 1,600,000 IDR

bandung driver innova
Toyota Innova

Big Car for Bandung Bogor Driver Service also available

Toyota Hiace (capacity up to 15 pax with luggage 24 inch)
Price: 2,100,000 IDR

bandung driver hiace
Toyota Hiace

ELF long (capacity up to 19 pax with luggage 24 inch)
Price: 2,300,000 IDR

bandung driver elf long
Elf Long

All are good cars and also comfort even with maximum capacity.

How to contact us?

After all, to contact us, please send your message via whatsapp to 62-813-940-333-63. Please click the number to send whatsapp (fast response).

If you are not using whatsapp, you could email to:
[email protected]

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