Bandung Holiday with Bandung Driver

bandung holiday
Bandung Holiday with Bandung Driver Tour and Travel

Bandung holiday is great. Bandung is the third biggest city in Indonesia. Bandung is close to Jakarta. Bandung has cool climate and good for holiday and rest. Bandung has many Dutch colonial architecture. Bandung building is beautiful. There is Bandung zoo, Bandung resort, Bandung golf course and many choice of Bandung food. Bandung is good for Bandung Holiday. Bandung drivers can make itinerary. The tour will be great because the drivers can also engage tour guide to lead group. Moreover, the drivers can recommend good factory outlets for shopping in Bandung. Bandung volcano tour and golf tour with Bandung driver tour and travel will be a good experience when spend holiday in Bandung.

bandung waterfall
Bandung waterfall Cijalu Subang
bandung restaurant
Bandung Traditional Restaurant

This is Cijalu waterfall Subang. The lake is Sundanese restaurant Mang Engking at jl.Kopo. It is one and half hour to the waterfall while 40 minutes from Bandung city to the restaurant.

This is Dusun Bambu Lembang Parongpong. It is traditional Bandung resort where you can feel back to nature like Bandung in the past. You can hire this place like most hotel in Bandung. In the past almost all people in Bandung feel like this.

bandung resort
Bandung Resort Dusun Bambu Lembang
bandung village
Kampung Naga village near Garut

Now, many village espescially traditional village near Bandung are open for guest. To visit the village you must travel Garut by car. Bandung drivers are always ready to take you to Garut to experience great Bandung holiday with Bandung driver tour and travel. The next picture is not resort. It is Kampung Naga village near Garut not far from Bandung. When life is kept traditionally, everybody feel like living in resort and don’t need to pay. Traditional life is rare in modern era. Bandung in the past now become Bandung holiday. We still can feel it today by visiting Bandung for tour, travel or holiday. Bandung drivers will help you.

bandung trans studio
Modern Trans Studio Bandung

This is Trans Studio Bandung. It is modern entertainment in Bandung. From Traditional to modern entertainment, Bandung has many choice for holiday. Two in one modern and traditional holiday in Bandung. Many people tell that Bandung is second tourist destination after Bali.

Bandung Holiday with Bandung Driver Car Rental

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