Visiting Gunung Padang with Mr. Viking

On 2 December 2002, Mr. Viking, contacted Bandung Driver. He wanted to went to Gunung Padang in Cianjur. However, on that day, the situation is not condusive. One of destination before Gunung Padang, there was an avalanche. Moreover, based on experience, when visiting Cianjur after earthquake one week before, refugee sometimes stopping cars because the refugee think that the car bring aid. So Mr. Viking decided to cancel booking on that day. Furthermore, on that day, the weather was heavy rain and the wind blow fast.

The day after it, Mr. Viking contacted Bandung Driver again to ask whether it is possible to went to Gunung Padang the next day. Bandung Driver then try to check the sitution. When it is good to go, then can go to Gunung Padang. Good news came when weather is good. So Mr. Viking decided to go.

Soon after arrived in Gunung Padang, Mr. Viking doing hiking to the top of the Gunung Padang. Ahmad, our driver, as an Indonesian, that is not used to walk far, feel very tired following Mr. Viking hiking to the top. Mr. Viking is very exiting to hike because he comes Bandung to see Gunung Padang. After hiking so far, Mr. Viking and Ahmad stopped at Warung Makan food to fill their empty stomach. Thank you Mr. Viking to trust Bandung Driver. Thank you to Ahmad too for keeping Mr. Viking safe at his journey.

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