The Adventure of Family of Mrs. Emilie in Bandung

Mrs. Emilie and family choose Bandung for their holiday this year. Here are some of the picture:

Kawah Putih gate

Kawah Putih is the most visited place in Bandung together with Tangkuban Parahu. Often people come to Bandung only to see Kawah Putih. Here is another picture inside Kawah Putih.

inside kawah putih
Inside Kawah Putih crater

There is also a video when visitors stepping down into the crater.

Stairs to Kawah Putih

Now, we move to Lembang area where we can see Cikole Kopi Luwak.

kopi luwak cikole lembang
Kopi Luwak Cikole

Here, visitors can also learn the process of making Kopi Luwak.

In Kopi Luwak Cikole

Mrs. Emilie and family also visiting Tangkuban Parahu, Farmhouse, Floatingmarket, The Great Asia Africa, Rengganis Suspension Bridge, etc. There are so many places visited.

tangkuban parahu holiday
Holiday in Tangkuban Parahu

After all, Bandung will never be forgotten by anybody. Almost all people visiting Bandung want to come back to Bandung for holiday.

In Jakarta airport

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