Bandung Gunung Padang

Bandung Gunung Padang is a car rental service that take you to the famous megalitic site Gunung Padang in Cianjur. By taking this service you pay only one cost for car transport to Gunung Padang and back to bandung city. For 5 seaters car avanza/sigra, the cost is 900,000 IDR for car, driver, petrol, toll, parking and driver meal. For car transport from Jakarta to Gunung Padang and back to Jakarta, the cost is 1,200,000 IDR

gunung padang cianjur
View on the top of Gunung Padang

How to book Bandung Gunung Driver

To contact us, please send your message via whatsapp to 62-813-940-333-63. Please click the number to send whatsapp (fast response).

If you are not using whatsapp, you could email to:
[email protected]

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