Jakarta to Bandung via Puncak by Car with Driver

To travel Bandung from Jakarta via Highway is the best option. It is fast and many shuttle serve the route. It takes about 3 hours in normal traffic condition. The cost also is 1100k IDR (about 70 USD) for private car capacity 5 persons, include driver, petrol, toll, parking and driver meal. You could travel anytime. This is suitable espescially when traveling for business. How about traveling for leisure?

puncak tea plantation
Puncak Tea Plantation in the Morning

Traveling for leisure is completely different. In business trip, there is no time and money to waste. In leisure, we are investing time and our money to explore new experience. Before Cipularang Highway connecting Jakarta to Bandung directly, all traffic from Bandung to Jakarta and vice versa, mainly travel via Puncak. If you travel Jakarta Bandung via Puncak, you would see many stop points for example Puncak Pass. There is a field for cars to park and enjoy the view. Nearby, many resto selling hot food amid the cool climate in Puncak.

puncak mountain view
Mountain view in Puncak

The best time to travel Puncak is morning. It is good to leave hotel at 5am in the morning on weekday. Please avoid weekend and long weekend or holiday date in Indonesia because at the time, people going around traveling for Puncak. Here, you could consult us whether your date is good for traveling Bandung via Puncak or not. When you are arriving in Jakarta airport in the afternoon, you could also travel Bandung via Puncak if your flight is easy for example from Singapore. For Jakarta to Bandung via Puncak by using private car and driver, the cost is 1400k IDR for car capacity 5 persons, include driver, petrol, toll, parking and driver meal.

To contact us, please whatsapp to +62 813 9403 33 63 or email to [email protected]

bandun driver sigra calya
Sigra/Calya car

Bandung Driver

Bandung Car Rental with Driver for Tour and Travel

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