The Adventure of Family of Mr. Lim in Bandung and Jakarta

Mr. Lim and his family from Malaysia spend their holiday in Bandung and Jakarta. Here is summary of the adventure with Bandung Driver using Full Driver service. It is a kind of service that combine Jakarta airport pickup, Whoosh train from Jakarta to Bandung, Bandung tour, traveling Jakarta from Bandung by fast train and Jakarta tour. All with driver service from beginning until end.

halim whoosh station
Halim Whoosh Station

After arrive in Jakarta airport, our driver Rico in Jakarta pick Mr. Lim and family up at 17.00 then go to dinner in Jakarta and drop in Halim train station. Rico helps to buy train ticket on the spot. It is good to buy ticket on the spot because sometime flight and traffic from Jakarta airport to Halim train station unpredictable to avoid missing train. We send picture of Rico to Mr. Lim so as to Mr. Lim can address Rico in Jakarta airport easily. It is because based on our experience, sometimes on several gate out, customers can not see driver. In this case, we suggest to find nearest coffee shop inside airport and contacting us.

After the train depart from Halim to Padalarang Bandung at 20.30, our driver in Bandung Pak Midun waiting and standby in Padalarang station to meet and greet Mr. Lim family.

In Padalarang Whoosh Station

After pickup from Padalarang Whoosh station then drop to hotel in Bandung. The adventure begins in the next day.

Day 1, visiting North Bandung, Lembang

The first destination to visit in Bandung is Dusun Bambu. Dusun Bambu is an integrated tourism spot where people can find park, restaurant, attraction, etc in one spot.

in Dusun Bambu

The next place is De Castello where we could spend our time taking photograph with castle background.

De Castello Bandung

The next place is Tangkuban Parahu where we can see an active volcano. Tangkuban Parahu is the most popular destination in Bandung.

in Tangkuban Parahu

The next place is Floating Market. Floating Market is one of the most favourite tourism spot in Lembang Bandung.

Floating Market Lembang

The next destination is Cafe. In Bandung there are many cafe like Mercusuar Cafe and Resto. Also in Bandung, there is Kawasan Punclut where we can enjoy our meal amid view of Bandung city.

Cafe in Bandung

Day 2, visiting South Bandung, Ciwidey

In South Bandung, Ciwidey, the most visited spot is Kawah Putih or in English White Crater. It is the most favourite spot too. Many people come to Bandung make it as the must visited object.

in Kawah Putih

The next destination is Rengganis. In Rengganis, we can try to walk accross suspension bridge. In addition to suspension bridge, in Rengganis we can try a basket chair, mud bathing, rest and relax.

Rengganis Suspension Bridge

To see what we will find in Rengganis suspension bridge, we can watch video below.

A video of Rengganis suspension bridge

The next destination is Glamping lakeside. With Rengganis and Patengan or Situ Patenggang lake, Glamping is one of the most favourite place in South Bandung Ciwidey.

Glamping lakeside Ciwidey Bandung

Day 3, Pangalengan Bandung

In Pangalengan, there are many tourism spots like Situ Cileunca lake, Malabar tea plantation, etc. Below is a picture of Nimo Highland. Nini Mountain or Mountain of Grandmother is a good place to see view of plantation in Bandung.

in Nini Mountain Pangalengan

Day 4 of adventure, Bandung Jakarta with Fast Train then Jakarta tour

After 3 days in Bandung visiting Lembang, Ciwidey and Pangalengan, Mr. Lim and family travel Jakarta with Fast Train from Padalarang Whoosh station to Halim.

in Padalarang Whoosh Station

After 30 minutes travel with fast train from Bandung, Mr. Lim and family arrive in Halim Whoosh station Jakarta and proceed to Jakarta tour. There are many tourism spots in Jakarta. One of the spots is Taman Mini.

in Taman Mini

How to book car and driver service in Bandung and Jakarta

To book driver and car service in Jakarta and Bandung, you could contact us via Whatsapp informing number of persons, the size of luggage and pickup detail. Please tap green Whatsapp button at right bottom corner to contact us. There are many car types available like:

  • Avanza for up to 5 pax (standard car)
  • Innova for up to 7 pax (bigger standard car)
  • Hyundai H1 for up to 9 pax (deluxe)
  • Hiace commuter for up to 13 pax (big and comfort)

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