Bandung Driver Guide

bandung driver guide

Bandung Driver Guide with Guests from Holland

Bandung Driver Guide is combination between Bandung Driver Rental with Driver and Guide. The driver can serve also as guide. They know Bandung well. The driver can be guide if needed. If you don’t need the driver to be guide, in the process of booking you can ask suggestion of itinerary or use your own itinerary. To hire Bandung driver guide, please visit the following link:

Bandung Driver Guide

In private tour espescially one or two person, it will be too many cost to spend if hiring driver with guide and also too many person in a car. To hire guide is more cost then hire a driver. To hire a driver in Bandung, it is 250k IDR per day while to hire guide is 350k IDR per day. Nowdays, in very difficult economic situation where to hire a guide seems to be expensive, many guide convert to driver that speaks in English. Of course to hire a driver only to be a driver is different than to hire driver with availability to be a guide also. There is a charge 200k IDR per day if you need the driver to be a guide also.

bandung driver rental

Bandung Driver Rental with Driver serve also as guide

At the meanwhile, to hire separate guide is better espescially if you travel in groups more than 4 persons. A person doing task as a guide only can serve well than one person doing two task at the same time. In this situation Bandung driver guide perhaps can be your choice.

Bandung driver guide and Bandung driver rental is solution for private travelers to customize your own itinerary or customize upon booking by using Bandung driver rental service.

There are many destination in Bandung like Bandung North, Bandung South, Bandung Shopping, Bandung City tour and many more. Natural view, shopping and spa, city tour, and all kind of tour that can be your routin tour every weekend from Singapore or Malaysia. Bandung driver guide – Bandung driver rental – Bandung driver service. Ready to serve you the best.

The following is one of the testimony via email:

Dear Sir,

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Bapak Eka who had been very very friendly, patience, helpful and honest when he was our driver during our trip to Bandung. My whole family was very comfortable to have Bapak Eka as our driver. We will surely recommend Bapak Eka to our friends here in Singapore when they plan to go to Bandung.

Many thanks to Bapak Eka.
Thank you.

Amran Ismail

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