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Bandung Car Driver as Guide
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Bandung Driver Guide is combination between Bandung Driver Car Rental with Driver and Bandung Guide. The driver can serve also as guide if needed. They know Bandung well. Bandung guide can use your itinerary too.

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Tour with Bandung Driver

In private tour espescially for one or two person, it will be many cost spending if hiring driver with separate guide. Moreover, there will be too many person in a car. To hire guide is more cost then hiring a driver.

Nowdays, in very difficult economic situation where hiring a guide seems to be expensive, many guide convert to driver that speaks in English. Therefore, to hire a driver, only to be a driver, it is different than hiring driver with availability to be a guide also.

Bandung Car Rental with Guide

At the meanwhile, to hire separate guide is better espescially if you travel in groups more than 4 persons. A person doing task as a guide only can serve well than one person doing two task at the same time. In this situation perhaps hiring driver and guide can be your choice.

bandung driver as guide
Bandung Driver as Guide

There are many destination in Bandung like Bandung North, Bandung South, Bandung City and many more. Moreover, there are natural view. Bandung Guide is ready to serve you the best.

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