Bogor Tour Package from Bandung

Bogor tour package is Bogor package tour. It combines among total cost for transport and entrance fees. Destinations are Little Venice, Taman Bunga Nusantara and Taman Safari. It also includes meal package for lunch and dinner. By combining these, you need to pay only one cost to visit Little Venice, Taman Bunga Nusantara and Taman Safari. After traveling Bogor tour package, then lunch and dinner. Then back to Bandung city. Little Venice is miniature of Venice in Italia. You can ride gondola and also enter to swimming pool. In Taman Bunga, you can enjoy various flowers.

bogor package tour

Taman Safari

tour package bogor

Little Venice Bogor

Package include

The cost that is mentioned here is for car, driver, petrol, toll, parking, driver meal, driver tips, meal package lunch and dinner, and entrance fees. The destinations are 1. Little Venice include riding gondola and enter to swimming pool, 2. Taman Bunga Nusantara and 3. Taman Safari. The driver will be your guide also. Tuesday and Wednesday Little Venice Closed.

Don’t forget Puncak! You can also enjoy Puncak scenery while traveling from Little Venice to Taman Safari. You can choose Puncak or Cipanas near Taman Bunga as place for lunch. For dinner, the choice will be Cianjur or Bandung city in various famous cafe like The Peak or Stone Cafe. To follow Bogor Tour Package, please inform hotel in Bandung where you stay. Leave hotel is 7am. The car is Toyota Avanza. If you are tired to back to Bandung city on same day, there are many inns in Puncak to stay overnight and back to Bandung city in the morning.

bogor tour package

Puncak Bogor

bogor tour package

Taman Bunga Nusantara

Here are the cost per person:

5 persons: 1,600,000 IDR
4 persons: 1,700,000 IDR
3 persons: 1,800,000 IDR
2 persons: 1,900,000 IDR
1 person: 3,100,000 IDR

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