Good News from Bandung Indonesia

good news from bandung
Good News from Bandung Indonesia

Today a couple from Findland doing city tour in Bandung. About  8.15am this morning, Ms. Reetta contacts Bandung Driver via Whatsapp. She needs transport for Bandung White Crater. Like a first rain after two years dry season, Bandung Driver communicate as soon as the message comes. In half hour car must be ready but it is no problem because Bandung Driver open 24 hours and ready.  This is good news also for all tourism activities in Indonesia.

Visiting Ranca Upas

visiting ranca upas
Visiting Ranca Upas Bandung

Doing tour after pandemy is very amazing. Tourism places open. Almost all places not too many people. Like having our own world or island, the whole mountain ours. Salute to Ms. Reetta for visiting Bandung Indonesia.

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