MPV Car Bandung Tour With Bandung Driver

An MPV car is best for tour for 7 passengers. Using Avanza or the like.
A day of Bandung Tour with an MPV car will take usually less than 14 hours. In a day one area of Bandung Tour will be completed.

mpv car bandung

On Bandung North, there are many places of interest to be visited. Tangkuban Parahu, although it is expensive its entrance fee, 300k idr per person, but a must for Bandung travelers.

To use an MPV car with driver in Bandung, the cost is 750k IDR. The cost include MPV car avanza type, driver, petrol, toll, parking and driver meal for max. 14 hours.
We can also arrange itinerary for you.

To contact us, please send your message via whatsapp to 62-813-940-333-63. Please click the number to send whatsapp (fast response).

If you are not using whatsapp, you could email to:
[email protected]

Or please click home to contact Bandung Driver MPV car rental:

Bandung Driver

Bandung Car Rental with Driver for Tour and Travel

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