Bandung Tangkuban Parahu Tour

Bandung Tangkuban Parahu tour package is Bandung Tangkuban Parahu package tour that combines between total cost for car transport and entrance fee to Tangkuban Parahu and also meal package in Kampung Daun. As a result, you need to pay only one cost to visit Tangkuban Parahu in Bandung. After that lunch in Kampung Daun and driver take you for Bandung shopping tour in Bandung factory outlets if you want.

bandung tangkuban parahu tour
Unforgettable memory in Bandung

Meal Package Menu

Kampung Daun is one of the most famous restaurant serving Sundanese food with traditional Bandung environtment. There are vegetables and rice with traditional sauce and fish.

Cost Breakdown

The cost that is mentioned here is for car, driver, petrol, toll, parking, driver meal, driver tips, meal package in Kampung Daun, and entrance fee to Tangkuban Parahu. The driver will be your guide also.

Here are the cost per person:

6 persons 950,000 IDR (86 SGD)
5 persons 1000k (91)
4 persons 1100k (100)
3 persons 1200k (109)
2 persons 1400k (127)
1 person 2000k (182)

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